Uncategorized Beware! These smartphones may pose health risks due to radiation

Xiaomi Mi A1 , OnePlus 5T top list of high SAR phones, here is how to find radiation rating for your phone

The jury is still out on whether phones cause cancer or not, with so far researchers finding no conclusive evidence that smartphones can damage body at cellular level. But smartphones do emit radiation with all their antennas and gadgetry inside them. Now a report says that when it comes to the radiation from smartphones, measured in Specific absorption rate (SAR), Xiaomi and OnePlus phones are usually on the higher side while the Samsung phones are at bottom of the list. The iPhones are somewhere in the middle.

To check the SAR value of your phone look behind the packaging of your smartphone. You can also dial *#07# to check it. 

India has a maximum limit of 1.6 W/kg

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