Uncategorized After WhatsApp, this tool can now steal your Google, Facebook and Apple iCloud data

In May this year, a vulnerability was discovered in WhatsApp which allowed a malware called ‘Pegasus’ to be injected in smartphones. Once a smartphone gets infected, the device can be tracked and the data can be easily stollen. The Pegasus malware is made by an Israeli company called NSO Group to help government agencies to spy on suspects via smartphones. This malware is claimed to be only sold to government agencies by the company but there have been instances of misuse as well. Pegasus is a powerful tool that can be used for mass surveillance and has been used to target journalists and activists. A report by Financial Times now claims that an updated version of Pegasus has been released which is even more powerful and can steal your data stored in servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and even Apple iCloud. Here is everything you need to know.

1. The ‘Pegasus’ malware has been used by government agencies to track and harvest confidential data from smartphones for years.

2.The Pegasus was mostly capable of harvesting local data in smartphones but now it can steal data from cloud servers too that is linked to the smartphone

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